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CELL-BAG™ Cell Phone Cases (patented design)

• Unique Bags for Cell Phones with Specialized Attachments
• Flexible Ways to Wear or Carry your Phone Comfortably
• Many Stylish Colors and Sizes

• Sturdy Neoprene Fabric is Protective, Water Resistant, and Built to Last
• 1) Loop your Belt through the Back of the Bag 2) Clip onto your Belt Loop, Backpack or Purse 3) Use the Special Belt Extender (not included) to Hang below Loose Shirts
• Make your Phone Easy to Access, Even While Sitting in the Car
• More Secure for Traveling

• Tuck your ID and Credit Card behind your phone when you don't want to carry a purse or wallet.

Safety Alert: Turn cell phones off before pumping gas or near chemicals that could ignite. The act of turning on the phone or the actual ringing can ignite a spark. Reported burns were caused when the phone was in the hand, pocket, and on top of the hood.

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Easy access in the passenger seat with our burgundy bag shown here.

With belt extender above,
your phone is accessible
with untucked shirts too,
see picture below. Navy bag
shown here.

Belt extender shown in use above.

Please Measure your Phone to get the Best Fit!

SMALL (fits most small flip/non-flip phones) 3.5"x 2.25" x 1"

MEDIUM (fits most medium flip/non-flip phones) 4.25" x 2.25" x 1"

LARGE (fits most large non-flip phones) 5" x 2.25" x 1"

Neoprene fabric will stretch at least .25" to accommodate phones which are close to the sizes listed. Do not include the antenna when measuring height.


with black trim









Order this Unique belt extender (while supplies last) as shown on our Cherry Red bag here.

Cell-Bags™ are $19.95 each
+ S&H

Shipping and Handling in the US:
1-3 items $4.50 / 4-6 items $6.50
7-10 items $8.50 / 11+ items $10.50

Shipping and Handling Outside the US:
1-3 items $7 US / 4-6 items $10 US
7-10 items $14 US/ 11+ items $18 US


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The belt loop at the back of this bag allows you to wear the bag with no movement and flexible positioning. Royal Blue is shown here.

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